Winter 2014 Playoffs/Winners

Winners of Winter season will receive a Tachikara SV-5W Gold team volleyball.

Spring Schedules

Spring Schedules are up for the 1st half.

Spring Volleyball

You can now register for the Spring season. There are still a few open spots if you are interested contact us today.

Questions??? send an email to Michelle at

Rule Change: Under the Net

Here's a new rule change for under the net play that we are adopting:

USAV 11.2.2: “Encroachment into the opponent’s court with any part(s) of the body is permitted, provided some part of the body remains either in contact with or directly above the center line, and there is no interference with opponents. In addition, completely crossing the center line with the foot, feet or hands, or encroachment with other body parts must not present a safety hazard to opponents"


Managers: Please have every player on your team fill out and sign a waiver. For individual players, waivers are valid for the year Fall 2013 to Summer 2014. If a new player joins your team, please have the player fill out and return a waiver. New waivers will be required for all players for the Fall 2014 season.


Thank you to all the teams that have submitted rosters. Please submit your roster if you have not yet done so.

Rosters are required to be submitted each season.

Winter 2014 Prize

The board has decided winners for the Winter season will receive a Tachikara SV-5W Gold team volleyball.

Unaffiliated Players

We have created a page for Managers and Free Agents to hook up, if you haven't joined you can do so today! Here's the info

Looking for an Adult Tournament?

Here are our remaining CEVA adult tournament dates. All held at Courts in Beaverton. Sunday, February 2 Super Bowl Sunday Tournament Saturday, March 8 Lucky Shamrock Tournament Saturday, April 5 Spring in my Step Tournament Saturday, April 19 CEVA Adult Regionals Teams can register at

Fall 2013 Playoff Winners

Congratulations Fall Winners!!!

Winners of Fall season will receive a Tachikara SV-5W Gold team volleyball.

Rule Change

In order to reduce forfeits, when necessary, teams will be allowed to play with a minimum of 4 players. This will include playoffs. Players will still have to rotate in position and therefore serve in the correct rotation. Server will be the back row player with the other 3 being front row players. For coed teams, the following scenarios are acceptable:

Fall 2013 Managers Meeting Notes

Thank you managers for a very successful fall managers meeting! We were very happy with discussions that resulted from the Fall 2013 managers meeting. Here is a review of what was discussed at the Fall 2013 meeting:

PCC Parking

Please make sure you only park in lot 12 for free at PCC. If there are no spots open in lot 12 players will have to pay the $5 fee or risk getting a ticket. PVA will not be responsible for tickets issued if anyone parks in other lots besides 12. Tickets have been issued so don't risk it, they are $20. Please make sure you leave the parking lot no later then 10:15 pm.

Post Office Box Change

Please note, if you are mailing in a check please mail it to: Portland Volleyball Association PO Box 25503 Portland OR 97298-0503